Saturday 9 May 2009

Cherry Hill Seminary

We are our own priestesses and priests. From time to time, however, something will occur that will shake our ability and capacity to believe and perform in the way we're used to. We may become physically ill and therefore unable to perform ritual in ways that we're familiar with; we may have some kind of crisis which makes us question things we previously took for granted; someone we love may suffer in this way and we don't know how best to be useful to them.

What we need at times like this is someone sensible, experienced and flexible, someone who will accompany us on our journey without trying to determine where we go or how we get there. When we need it most, we want them to know how to provide structure and skills so that we can concentrate on some of the most important moments of our lives without worrying about the people around us.

Cherry Hill Seminary aims to train individuals to usefully fulfil those and other needs. Academic, rigorous, with clear values and meaningful outcomes, Cherry Hill promotes Pagan service by being of Apparent-world service to Pagans. The lack of glamour and the amount of reading and active involvement required is very reassuring!

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